Grill (Sample)

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All indicated CUTS* are priced at the standard size and may be cut to order a desired weight.

Steaks are all served with Flatcap Mushroom, Tomato and Steak Fries.

20 oz   MASSIVE T-BONE                      

10 oz   VEAL RIBEYE on the bone                

7   oz   PRIME FILLET*                                   

10 oz   TRIMMED SIRLOIN*                                                                                                   

10 oz   CHOICE RIB EYE*                     

8 oz     WAGYU RIBEYE*   

Kobe style japanese beef grade 6/7 (when available)                  

8 oz    NEW YORK PRIME STRIP*                 

US prime Angus beef grain fed, finished on corn

8 oz    RUMP TOURNEDOS*                   

Please note that whilst we are happy to cook steaks to your preference,

we cannot cook the Rump more than Med-Rare.



Cracked Black Pepper &Whiskey                                      

Blue Cheese and Port                                        


Classic Diane              



Steak Fries                                                         

Baked Potato                                                      

Mashed Potatoes                                                

Dauphinoise Potatoes                                       

Mushrooms and/or Onion Rings                        

Seasonal Vegetables                                          

Mixed Salad                                                        

Caesar Salad                                                       

Wild Rocket and Parmesan Salad      

*Please note that whilst we endeavour to update our menus regularly, these may be taken as samples only